5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Color Correcting Your Videos. With the digital cameras becoming more and more affordable, every filmmaker should learn the basics of color correction. You don’t need to be becoming a pro at it, but knowing basics will help you to become a better filmmaker!

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Color Correcting Your Videos

Reason #1

This one is pretty straight forward, knowing basics of color correction allows you to deliver good looking picture to your clients or just to create dailies on set. Color Correction software such as Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve is easily available, and their Lite version if fully functional

Reason #2

When you understand whats happening “under the hood” of your film camera, you can achieve much greater results pushing the camera to its limits. Many digital cameras have different latitudes, and if you know how to work with that you can get away filming in very difficult situations and possibly save some $

Reason #3

Knowing basics of color correction will help you to become a better cinematographer. You will start to understand the color theories behind what you filming. I personally know many filmmakers that have no clue how to color correct, and their work reflects that lack of skill.

Reason #4

In some situations, you won’t have the ability to take your project to a professional colorist. Whether it’s a time restriction or a budget issue, knowing how to do basic color correction will save your ass.

Reason #5

When you learn all the things listed above, your eyes become trained on set. You will be able to spot possible issues immediately as you go, and not rely on the terrible cliche of fixing in post. Whether it’s a hot light source or some nasty reflection from the mug.

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